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Nice things people have said about Jason Pickering Photography


When you are choosing a professional photographer to shoot your wedding, family event, commercial project or dream home, you want to make sure that other clients have been given the service and quality of work that you expect. We have included a few quotes and reviews from a small selection of our very satisfied customers. If we have done a shoot for you in the past or we are about to do one for you, please dont forget to drop us a line to say how you think it went and how you like the photographs


Feedback is so important. I love my job but it is always nice to get an email back from clients after a shoot to hear how it went for them and what they thought of the photographs. If I do a photo shoot for you, please let me know what you think. As you can see from the list above the comments are normally pretty favourable but your opinion counts and I want to hear it!


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