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There are times in life when you absolutely must record those special events or family milestones. Whether it is a family holiday, anniversary, graduation, senior year, special event or something to send in a card to all your friends and family at Christmas; sometimes only a photograph will do. When only a photograph will do, make sure its a good one and hire Jason Pickering Photography for your personal portraits. We can help you to get the family portrait that will keep your special memories alive for a lifetime. Have a look at the samples of our portrait photography below and contact us using the form at the bottom of this page for a quote.


One of the reasons I love taking photographs of people is that I always catch people at their best, when they are happy. We have many clients that are visiting our lovely islands to celebrate a family event, reunion or anniversary and when that is the case, I hardy ever have to even say "smile please". Everyone is already beaming from ear to ear!


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