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When you commission a professional photographer you want to be pretty certain that they can produce the quality of work that you are looking for and capture the essence of your event or photographic subject in a series of superb photographic images. We believe that Jason Pickering Photography produces some of the best photography in Antigua and the Caribbean and after looking at our portfolio, we think that you will agree. If you want the photos to do justice to your event or subject, contact Jason Pickering Photography today and make a date for your photoshoot.


As committed photography professionals we are determined to give you the best possible client experience.We have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to make sure that we get the result you expect for your photographic project. Whether you need a photographer for a wedding, a corporate event, a super yacht shoot, a family gathering, a marketing or promotional project, a commercial property shoot or to advertise your home, we will get the job done. We have clients from all over the world and you can be assured that we will deliver the results that you want on the day.


We get hired to take awesome photography but our commitment to our client doesn’t just stop there. From our promise to reply to any enquiry within 24 hours; our focus on keeping the lines of client communication clear and straightforward; our understanding of what is most important to you; our way of getting the most out of everyone on the day by creating a relaxed and easy going shoot environment and providing a super quick turnaround of images after any shoot; service is our watch word from the beginning to the end of the job in Antigua or the greater Caribbean.

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We take commissions for wide variety of photographic projects in Antigua and the wider Caribbean. Posted below is a selection of photographs from our portfolio to give you an idea of the scope and quality of the work we have created for both our commercial and domestic clients. There are also a few images taken from our extensive library of Caribbean stock photography. Click the thumbnails to see more photos of that type and click any image on the linked page to see larger versions. We have 100s of thousands of photographs in our back catalogue and you can just click the BIG ORANGE button labelled full back catalogue to see many more examples of our photographic work.

Looking to buy photos online? Just click the big orange button below, there is an e-commerce platform fully integrated into our full back catalogue.


CLICK the thumbnails below to see more photos of that type

Landscapes / Nature / Underwater


There are no regular postal addresses in Antigua and Barbuda - Directions to our office:- Coming from St. Johns: Stay on the main road and pass through Famouth Village, towards English Harbour. Eventually you get to the Cobbs Cross junction just after Cobbs cross school and turn sharp left and then stay on the main road heading towards the St James's Club. The main road winds a little and eventually you come to a landrover dealership on the left hand side of the road. You cant miss the field full of landrovers and other vehicles. We are in the green building a little further down the main road, also on the left. There are 3 dogs in the fenced garden and they will probably go mad as you approach.. Someone will come to the gate to meet you. Good Luck .. :-)/i>

Office Location Pigeon Beach Road, English Harbour, St Pauls, Antigua and Barbuda

Telephone Number +1 268 7701143

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I love taking photographs and seize every opportunity to capture everything and anything that grabs my attention. I am very lucky that living in the eternal summer of the caribbean I don’t have to go far to have my attention grabbed.

My portfolio of work including Marine, Commercial, caribbean underwater, caribbean landscape and caribbean nature stock photography is inspired by my passionate desire to share, the stunning beauty of the caribbean tropical environment, both above and below the waves, with as many people as I can reach.